Thursday, 17 November 2016

Decoration Ideas for Holidays

One of the big problems that we face while dwelling in the big cities is that we have get adjusted in small living spaces. This drawback hits hard especially when we have to do some holiday decorations but we don’t see any way to do it in satisfying manner. Well, it’s all about managing and organizing. Small spaces can be decorated in a way that they wouldn’t be lesser beautiful then decorated large living spaces in any way.

A few ideas for decorating small interior spaces are mentioned as under.

Decorate your furniture

Since you are decorating a small space, you can look into the ordinary room details that are usually not considered in holiday decorations. For instance, you can decorate your chairs and furniture while focusing the occasion. In winter holidays, the wreaths have most important role in interior decorations. You can get or make small sized wreaths that could be attached on the chairs’ backsides.

Wall decoration

The bright white color is usually applied to the walls when we decorate interior spaces for holidays. Now, after the walls have been painted, leaving the walls undecorated creates emptiness in overall interior design. The big wreaths of colorful flowers and plants can be hung with the walls to fill this void. Another option is to do little enhancement to the accent wall. Paneling the walls with stones or bricks is great idea but it is never a convenient option. Instead, you can consider a faux brick wall that can be created in just a few hours and that too without making a mess of the interior space.

Decoration using wrapping paper

The plain brown or white wrapping paper can be of great use while designing the interior space for holidays. Giving a green look to the card wraps by attaching genuine plants, and attaching those wraps with the walls using sticky materials can produce a display that will definitely be termed as priceless.

Use stocking holders wisely

Winter holidays are meant to make homes the places of festivals, so expect your home to get crowded by your friends and family. Thus, you will have to make sure that everyone gets a place to hang their clothes. If you are relying on stocking holders, you will need to do a lot of drilling in the walls to attach the holders. Instead, you can hang a rod horizontally with the stocking holders, holding the rod from two ends. Then you can use clip hangers to let your relatives hang their clothes. This excellent arrangement is easy and provides substantial space for cloth hanging.

Decorate the shelves using ‘mini trees’

Mini trees can be created with the pinecones, colored by dipping into green paint, adjusted in the small pots that fit the bases of those pinecones. On the top of those ‘trees’, you can place any decorative star shaped items to enhance the design.

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